2014 Snow White

Our Fall 2014 Show 
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,
a Panto by Stuart Ardern
November 15, 16, 21 & 22, 2014
Stage Director: Henry Porreca
Asst. Stage Director: Ken Mammarella
Music Director: Diane Gray
Snow White
Nicole Servais
King Cornelius
John Trexler
Bad Queen Beryl Julie May
The Huntsman Paul Hayward
Prince Maurice
Michael Kennedy
Prince Chester Nick Madden
Prince Neville
Sean Maguire
Dame Victoria Sandwich
Ed Emmi
Alexander Bowditch
Peter Hayes
The Magic Mirror
Leslie Stanford
The Pest Control Officer /
King’s Footman
Dave DeGarmo
Pat & Veroncee Zevnik
Harlin, son of Henlin
A Dwarf
Justine Wagaman
Sigmund the Lofty
A Dwarf
Lisette Walker
Ridgely Ironhammer
A Dwarf
Madeleine Funke
Corri Corrisonssonsson
A Dwarf
 Carina Waldeck
Giddy Smallbottom
A Dwarf
Jen Andrews
Winkle Shorthouse
A Dwarf
Dawlat Refaie
Eric Dragonslayer
A Dwarf
Zach Dolce

Chorus of Courtiers, Castle Servants, and Woodland Animals:
Melanie Bowditch, Phil Galvin, Jessica Moss, Emily Thayer