1998 A G&S Christmas Carol

A Gilbert & Sullivan
Christmas Carol

Stage Director – Rhonda Gerry
Music Director – Matt Gerry
Show Dates: December 11 – 12, 1998


A Wandering Minstrel
Bob Beavins
The Chief Mourner
John Newport
Ebenezer Scrooge
A Greedy Banker
Ron Fava
Bob Cratchit
Scrooge’s Clerk
Daniel A. Libby
Tiny Tim Cratchit
A Crippled Boy
Susan Boudreaux
Scrooge’s Impoverished Nephew
Tod Hayes
Mrs. Kindheart
A Philanthropist
Veroncee Zevnik
Mrs. Goodman
Another Philanthropist
Amy Quinn
Jacob Marley’s Ghost
A Former Greedy Banker
Jim Ferst
Ghost of Samuel
A Piratical Vision
John Newport
Ghost of Christmas Past
A Spectral Visitation
Suzanne Winkler
Ghost of Christmas Present
A Spectral Visitation
Deb Laraway
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
A Spectral Visitation
Lois Alt
Fezziwig’s Fiddler
A Memory
Bob Manley
Old Fezziwig
A Memory
John Genzano
A Bittersweet Memory
Sophie Hayes
Dora Lincoln
Fred’s Fiancee
Rosanne DellAversano
Emily Cratchit
Cratchit’s Wife
Sandra Lowry
Uncle Tim Hazlitt
Emily’s Brother
Matt Gerry
Cratchit’s Daughter
Janet H. Reynolds
Jean Fava, Dorothy K. Fischer, Janet Levin
A Fourth Citizen
Matt Gerry
Scrooge’s Gift
Chrissy Quinn


Chorus of Ghosts, Party Guests & Relatives —

Ken McIntosh, Philip E. Miller, Robert W. Stevenson, Pat Zevnik