2002 Yeomen of the Guard

The Yeomen of the Guard 2002
or The Merryman and His Maid

Stage Directior: Cynthia Tobias
Music Director and Orchestra Conductor: Matt Gerry
Production Managers: Polly Brown and Sandy Lowry

Sir Richard Cholmondeley
(Lieutenant of the Tower)
Shaun Brauer*
Colonel Fairfax
(under sentence of death)
Sean O’Donnell
Sergeant Meryll
(of the Yeomen of the Guard)
Bob Jacobs
Leonard Meryll (his Son) Dan Libby
Jack Point (A Strolling Jester) Ron Fava
Wilfred Shadbolt
(Head Jailer & Assitant Tormentor)
Jim Duey*
First Yeoman Phil Miller
Second Yeoman Bob Richmond
Elsie Maynard
(A Strolling Singer)
Jessica Graae
Phoebe Meryll
(Sergeant Meryll’s Daughter)
Melinda Benson*
Dame Carruthers
(Housekeeper of the Tower)
Martha Smylie
(her niece)
Roseanne DellAversano
We welcome new leads (marked*) and also new chorus members Molly Adams-Toomey, Michael Carbone, Mandy Chestnut, Jeff Grant, Michael Rosensweig and Sheri Rosensweig.
Kate and Dame Carruthers
Jack Point
The Headsman and Chorus
Phoebe and Wilfred