2003 Iolanthe

Iolanthe 2003

Music Director: Matthew Gerry
Stage Director and Set Designer: Cynthia du Pont Tobias
Production Manager: Sandy Lowry


The Lord Chancellor
A clean old gentleman Ed Neally
Lord Mountararat
Who has a great respect for brains Ron Fava
Lord Tolloller
A very ranky earl Dan Libby
Private Willis
A Grenadier guard with god-like attributes Colin Adams-Toomey
A half-mortal Arcadian Shepherd Shaun Brauer
Queen of the Fairies
Who is not insensible to the effects of manly beauty Julie May
Strephon’s 17 year old mother; the life and soul of fairyland Roseanne DelAversano
An Arcadian Shepherdess and Ward in Chancery, in love with Strephon and engaged to two earls Roni Gerry



 Three fairies with names who get the show started by persuading the Queen to resurrect Iolanthe and who later begin interfering in politics Annie-Laurie Cates

Melinda Benson

Molly Adams-Toomey

Chorus of Fairies

Micki Barone
Wendy DeGarmo
Bridget Fitzgerald
Maurya Miller
Kaylin Young
Carol Casarino
Sherry Eden
Elizabeth Knecht
Anne Smock
Pat Zevnik
Dawn Chang
Peggy Figun
Bette Lazaro
Janice Toomey
Veroncee Zevnik

Chorus of Peers

Larry Adams
Mike Carbone
J. Phil Galvin
John Newport
Walter Wolff
Colin Adams-Toomey
Matthew Cohen
Ken McIntosh
Bob Richmond
Bruce Wyman
Bob Beavins
John Everard
Phil Miller
John Trexler