2007 Best of G&S/Trial by Jury

“Best of G&S” / Trial by Jury 2007

Stage Director: Daniel A. Libby
Music Director: Helene Furlong
Production Managers: Polly Brown and Phil Galvin
Stage Manager: Bruce Monroe

Nov. 2, 2007 at 8 PM,
Nov. 3, 2007 at 2 PM & 8 PM

“Best of G&S” Cast
“Climbing over rocky mountain”,
from Thespis –
Chorus and soloists:
Peggy Figun
Pat Zevnik
Polly Brown
Richard Brenner
“If the light of love’s
lingering ember”,
from Grand Duke –
Ernest Dummkopf and Julie Jellicoe:
Ed Nealley
Julie May
“Oh, I have wrought
much evil with my spells”,
from Sorceror –
Lady Sangazure and
Jonathon Wellington Wells
Cindy Tobias
Jeff Grant
“Painted Emblems of a Race” and
“When the night wind howls”,
from Ruddigore –
Chorus and Sir Roderic:
Ron Fava
“Night has spread
her pall once more”,
from Yeoman of the Guard –
Chorus and Dame Carruthers:
Sandy Lowry
“Though perhaps I may
incur your blame”,
from Iolanthe –
Tolloler, Mountararat,
Phyllis, Private Willis
Daniel Libby
Richard Brenner
Regina Florian
Jeff Grant
“It’s clear that
Mediaeval art”,
from Patience –
Duke, Major, and Colonel:
Phil Galvin
Bob Richmond
John Trexler
“Three Little Maids
from School”,
from The Mikado –
Chorus and Yum-Yum,
Pitti-Sing, and Peep-Bo:
Regina Florian
Cindy Tobias
Julie May
“When the foeman
bares his steel”,
from Pirates of Penzance –
Chorus, Major General, Frederic,
Sergeant, Mabel, and Edith:
Ed Nealley
Dan Williams
John Newport
Veroncee Zevnik
Janet Reynolds
“With Cat-Like Tread”,
from Pirates of Penzance –
Samuel, Ruth, Pirate King:
Coulson Conn
Julie May
Dan Williams
“On the Day that
I was Wedded “,
from Gondoliers –
Martha Smylie
“I know a youth
who loves a little maid”,
from Ruddigore –
Rose Maybud and Robin Oakapple:
Regina Florian
Dan Williams
from Ruddigore –
Chorus, Rose Maybud, Dame Hannah,
Richard Dauntless, Old Adam:
Regina Florian
Martha Smylie
Phil Galvin
John Trexler
“If Saphir I Choose
to Marry”,
from Patience –
Duke, Major, Colonel
Saphir, Angela:
Daniel Libby
Ron Fava
John Trexler
Cindy Tobias
Helene Furlong
“Eagle High”,
from Utopia, Ltd. –
Chorus and King Paramount:
Richard Brenner
Trial by Jury Cast
The Learned Judge Ron Fava
The Plaintiff, Angelina Jessica Graae
(Janet Reynolds, Understudy)
The Defendant, Edwin Dan Williams
Counsel for the Plaintiff John Trexler
Usher Jeff Grant
Foreman of the Jury Richard Brenner
The “Other Woman” Cindy Tobias
Jurors Ken McIntosh, Phil Galvin,
Bob Richmond, Coulson Conn,
Phil Miller, John Newport
Bridesmaids Regina Florian, Wendy DeGarmo,
Veroncee Zevnik, Janet Reynolds
Public Polly Brown, Peggy Figun,
Pat Phillips, Pat Zevnik,
Liz Monroe, Karla Hasben
Sally Hostelley