2010 Highlights and Lowlifes of G&S

Our Fall 2010 production
Highlights and Lowlifes of
Gilbert & Sullivan

October 29 & 30, 2010

Stage Director: Amy Karash
Music Director: Helene Furlong
Accompanist: Jon Williams
Stage Manager: Bruce Monroe
Producer: Nancy Kraus

Program: Performances by some of your favorite G&S “villains”, along with other solo, ensemble, and chorus highlights from the Gilbert & Sullivan canon.


The Highlights …

Musical Number G&S Show Featured Performers
Pour, O Pour
the Pirette Sherry
The Pirettes
of Penzance
Meghan Mercier
Women’s Chorus
We Sail the Ocean Blue HMS Pinafore Men’s Chorus
When a Felon’s
Not Engaged …
The Pirettes
of Penzance
Amy Karash
Women’s Chorus
Never Mind the
Why and Wherefore
HMS Pinafore Colleen Coughlin
Ron Fava
Daniel Libby
When All Night Long
a Chap Remains
Iolanthe Bob Binkley
When Britain Really
Ruled the Waves
Iolanthe John Dennison
Minerva! O Goddess Wise Princess Ida Marisa Robinson
Wouldn’t You Like to
Rule the Roast
Princess Ida Colleen Coughlin
Natalie Gaspari
I Hear the Soft Note Patience Chorus
Dance a Cachuca The Gondoliers Chorus

The Lowlifes …

Musical Number G&S Show Featured Performers
Sir Rupert Murgatroyd,
his leisure …
Ruddigore Martha Smylie
Women’s Chorus
When the Night
Wind Howls
Ruddigore Wayne Punshon
Men’s Chorus
I Once was a
Very Abandoned Person
Ruddigore Petra DeLuca
John Dennison
When Jealous Torments
Rack My Soul
Yeomen of the Guard John Trexler
Were I Thy Bride Yeomen of the Guard Helene Furlong
If You Give Me
Your Attention
Princess Ida Ron Fava
We are Warriors Three Princess Ida Petra DeLuca
Karla Hasben
Amy Quinn
My Name is
John Wellington Wells
The Sorceror Ryan Goulden
When a Man has been
a Naughty Baronet
Ruddigore Petra DeLuca
Daniel Libby
John Newport
Martha Smylie
Bruce Wyman
Veroncee Zevnik

Chorus Listing

Bob Binkley, Colleen Coughlin, Petra DeLuca, John Dennison, Ron Fava,
Natalie Gaspari, Felicia Gaus-Woollen, Ryan Goulden, Karla Hasben, Daniel Libby,
Meghan Mercier, John Newport, Wayne Punshon, Marisa Robinson, Amy Quinn,
Jim Shanahan, Martha Smylie, John Trexler, Bruce Wyman, Pat Zevnik, Veroncee Zevnik