2012 A G&S Christmas Carol

Our December 2012 production:

A Gilbert & Sullivan
Christmas Carol

Stage Direction – Henry Porreca (Asst. – Ken Mammarella)
Music Direction – Helene Furlong (Asst. – Deborah Fox)
Show Dates: Dec. 7 & 8, 2012 at 8PM
and Dec. 8 at 2PM

A Wandering Minstrel
Ed Emmi
Louise Craigen
The Chief Mourner
A Pooh-Bah
John Newport
Ebenezer Scrooge
A Greedy Banker
John Dennison
Bob Cratchit
Scrooge’s Clerk
Paul Hayward
Tiny Tim Cratchit
A Crippled Boy
Rebecca Heinz
Scrooge’s Impoverished Nephew
David DeGarmo
Mrs. Kindheart
A Philanthropist
Martha Smylie
Mrs. Goodman
Another Philanthropist
Leslie Stanford
Jacob Marley’s Ghost
A Former Greedy Banker
Peter Hayes
Ghost of Samuel
A Piratical Vision
Chris Galvin
Ghost of Christmas Past
A Spectral Visitation
Maria Leonetti
Ghost of Christmas Present
A Spectral Visitation
Amy Karash
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
A Spectral Visitation
Petra DeLuca
Old Fezziwig
A Memory
John Trexler
A Bittersweet Memory
Melinda Benson
Young Scrooge
A Future Greedy Banker
Caleb Wimble
Young Marley
A Future Greedy Banker
Ed Emmi
Titus Burton
A Voice of Reason
Sean McGuire
Dora Lincoln
Fred’s Fiancee
Valerie Hutchinson
Emily Cratchit
Cratchit’s Wife
Veroncee Zevnik
Uncle Tim Hazlitt
Emily’s Brother
John Newport
Aunt Esther
Emily’s Brother’s Wife
Pat Zevnik
Cratchit’s Daughter
Victoria Pope
Cratchit’s Other Son
Jackson Politis
Jackie Cheapside
Named for his Father
Connor Wagaman
Dave DeGarmo, Sean McGuire, Chris Galvin, John Trexler, Veroncee Zevnik

Other Cast Members —

Felicia Pope, Dawlat Refaie, Mia Saucier