2013 Yeomen of the Guard

Our Spring 2013 Show:
Yeomen of the Guard

April 26 – 27, 2013
May 2 – 4, 2013

Stage Director: Julie May
Music Director: Bob Binkley

Sir Richard Cholmondely
Lieutenant of the Tower
Fred Dittmann
Colonel Fairfax
under sentence of death
Jay Anstee
Sergeant Meryll
of the Yeomen of the Guard
Richard Brenner
Leonard Meryll
his Son
Dan Williams
Jack Point
a Strolling Jester
Stephen Green
Wilfred Shadbolt
Head Jailer and
Assistant Tormenter
Jeff Grant
First Yeoman
Roy Hallowell
Second Yeoman
Chris Galvin
First Citizen
John Trexler
Second Citizen
Stu Baird
Elsie Maynard
a Strolling Singer
Mary Punshon
Phoebe Meryll
Sergeant Merrill’s daughter
Paula Gonzalez
Dame Caruthers
Housekeeper to the Tower
Martha Smylie
her Niece
Maria Leonetti


Yeomen of the Guard —

Phil Galvin, Royal McGeorge, Ken McIntosh,
John Newport, John Trexler, Bruce Wyman

Tower Citizens —

Polly Brown, Bette Lazzaro, Ken McIntosh, Bruce Monroe,
Pat Phillips, Amy Quinn, Dawlat Refaie, Connor Wagaman,
Justine Wagaman, Kathleen Wood, Pat Zevnik, Veroncee Zevnik

The Headsman —

David Yoder