Ardensingers Ticket Purchases via Credit Card
Patience 2018

Your credit card ticket purchase is handled securely by American Express Merchant Services.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards are accepted. Please complete the fields indicated below, then click the "Submit Form" button. Once your information is submitted (by us) and accepted by Merchant Services, we'll E-mail you your receipt, or give you a call, if you don't have an E-mail address.
Tickets are available for the following shows:
  1. Fri. April 27 at 8pm
  2. Sat. April 28 at 8pm
  3. Sun. April 29 at 2pm (Matinee)
  4. Fri. May 4 at 8pm
  5. Sat. May 5 at 2pm (Matinee)
  6. Sat. May 5 at 8pm
If you have trouble with the online ticket ordering process, contact John Trexler at (484) 319-2350, or
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# of Adults @ $17
# of Seniors (65+) @ $14
Children/Students @ $5
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